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There are several advertising opportunities available to you as a member of the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce.

Ogunquit Visitor's Guide (Guidebook): This is our primary fulfillment piece and is distributed statewide at Maine Visitor Centers, at member businesses, at other chambers, and at regional trade shows out of state. It is also used as our response piece for website requests, emails and phone calls about visiting our area, and is available digitally in flip format on our website. 2020 prices range from $565 (1/4 page 2-color) to $2,525 (full page, 4-color). From time to time our preferred advertising spaces become available; please let us know if you are interested in being contacted if any preferred placement ads become available. The prices for the preferred pages start at $2,995. Publication date, April 2020; total print circulation TBD.

Maine Invites You & Maine Beaches (closed for 2020): In August we begin ad sales for Maine Invites You and the Maine Beaches Guidebook. Maine Invites You is the response piece for the Maine Office of Tourism. It has a print circulation of 300,000 and is also available in a digital format on mainetourism.com and visitmaine.com. Your ad is also included in the Maine Beaches Guidebook, which has a print circulation of 50,000, and is distributed at trade shows throughout New England and Canada, as well as through rack distribution in the mid-Atlantic states. There is also a digital version on MBA's website.

Advertising Options:

  • Display Advertising: 2020 prices range from $945 (for a 1/12 ad) to $6,590 (for a full page 4-color bleed).
  • Chamber Brand Ad: $205 includes property name, phone and web address as part of the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce brand advertisement. 

Menu Guides: We produce Menu Guides, available for distribution beginning in May. The guide is also available online.

Menu Guide Options:

  • If you provide your own menus (700 copies) and a pdf file, the 2020 rate is $150 per page.
  • If you give us a pdf of your menu and we produce the paper copies, 2020 prices range from $250 to $615 per page.
  • Non-dining ads in the 2020 Menu Guide range from $50-$250 depending upon size. 

Town / Touring Map: In May, we produce 50,000 copies of our Town/Touring Map. They are available at our Welcome Center, at the attendants booth at Perkins Cove Parking Lot, at our member businesses, and are included in our packaging for our travel trade shows.

2020 Advertising Options:

  • 200 character listing: $135
  • Display ads (200 character listing included): $650-$1050 based on size.

Travel & Trade Shows: Through our membership with Maine Beaches Association, we are able to offer our members the opportunity to participate by bringing us their brochures for inclusion in the show packages. Prices start at $100 per individual show and we sometimes offer a special price if you participate in all of the shows being offered. 

Digital Advertising on Ogunquit.org:  We offer our member businesses the opportunity to link from Ogunquit.org to your website, along with a variety of additional features. 2020 rates range from $150 to $240. 

Website Banner Advertising: Banner advertising is an excellent way to draw visitors on our website to your property. Banner ads rotate through the majority of pages on the website to ensure equal distribution. The banner size is 730p X 90p, static only, with no animation, and the 2020 annual fee is $400. 

Lighted Towers & Lobby Ads:  Thousands of visitors come to the Ogunquit Welcome Center each year. Our backlit lobby display ads are available on a first-come first-served basis. Currently, space is available in the upper lobby, with prices ranging from $140 to $1000 per year, depending upon size and length of contract. You provide the ad; we can recommend a reasonably-priced graphic designer who is familiar with our ad specs if needed.

24/7 Foyer: Our Chamber foyer space is available for your brochures. The 24/7 foyer is available for use by our visitors when the Welcome Center is closed. The 2020 annual fee to participate is $50. 

Event Sponsorships: The Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce hosts a number of events throughout the year and offers sponsorships at a variety of levels. These sponsorships allow you to advertise your business through several different media platforms, including digital, print, brochures, signage, and tastings. Please see our Sponsorship Opportunities page for more information on specific benefits. 

Through our collaboration with other organizations and businesses, we frequently develop additional advertising and marketing opportunities. We contact our members via email to alert them to new opportunities.  Examples include Down East Magazine, Maine Magazine, Yankee Magazine, and Gay & Lesbian New England Travel Map.




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