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Ogunquit Beach ... thanks to some forward-thinking Ogunquit residents back in the 1920's, it is the pride and joy of Ogunquit. The beach belongs to the Town of Ogunquit  and its taxpayers, and they are delighted to share it with all visitors throughout the year. Yes, all visitors, including our handicapped visitors. If you need a wheelchair to enjoy the beach, thanks to our local Rotary Club, the Ogunquit lifeguards at the Main Beach have two available for borrowing on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order to preserve the pristine quality of our beach, dunes, and estuaries, there are some guidelines that all beachgoers are asked to follow:

  • While the beach is open year-round, it is not open all night. All beachgoers are welcome from 5am to 11pm daily. This means that overnight camping or sleeping on the beach is not allowed.
  • Ogunquit Beach embraces a "Carry On, Carry Off" policy. Please make sure to check your area when you leave the beach and gather all belongings and trash to take with you when you leave. There are trash barrels by the entrances of the beaches, but not on the beaches. After all, you don't want to have to set up your beach gear next to a trash container. These trash receptacles are for incidental trash only. Household trash is not allowed.
  • For the safety of all beachgoers, we ask that you not bring any glass bottles onto the beach, or build any fires. With the majority of our visitors walking barefoot there, the beach is much safer this way.
  • There is something magical about the smell of a sea breeze. Therefore, our beach is a smoke-free zone. Tobacco products of any kind are prohibited on the beach, dunes, and estuary.
  • We have several fine establishments in town where alcohol is available, or you can enjoy it in your hotel room. However, please do not bring it on the beach.
  • While dogs are welcome on our beaches between October 1 and March 30, they are not allowed from April 1 to September 9. Instead, please take your dog to enjoy our popular public dog park on Spring Hill Road, or go to our Dog Walk page for information on more areas where you can take your dog.

Public restrooms are available just outside the entrances to our beaches. Seasonal privately-owned concession stands are also available outside the entrances to Main Beach and Footbridge Beach.

For information on beach parking, please go to our Beach Parking page.

On behalf of the taxpayers of Ogunquit, we thank you for adhering to our guidelines so that all who visit have a great beach experience.

The Beaches of Ogunquit:

#1: North Beach (also known as Moody Beach) North Beach can be accessed either by walking north on Ogunquit Beach itself, or by driving through Wells. To get there by car, drive north on Route 1 (Main Street) into Wells. At the first stoplight, turn right onto Bourne Avenue, then at the end of Bourne, turn right onto Ocean Avenue. Follow that to the end, where you will find the North Beach Parking Lot, where fees are charged at a daily rate, with maximum 2016 rates being $25 per day. The North Beach lot offers public restrooms, but no food or drinks. From the lot, to get onto North Beach, follow the boardwalk to the beach, then turn right. Turning left will put you on Moody Beach, which is part of Wells.

#2: Footbridge Beach Footbridge Beach is so named because you access the beach by walking across a long footbridge spanning the Ogunquit River. This beach is the nearest access point for those who are staying in the northern part of town, and is best accessed by walking or taking the Ogunquit Trolley for a small fee. If you choose to drive, from Route 1 (Main Street) turn onto Ocean Street and go to the end. The Footbridge Beach Municipal Parking Lot charges a daily rate of up to $25 (in 2016). A snack shack is open seasonally. The public restrooms are located across the river from the parking lot. The Footbridge itself is very popular for striper fishing, and there is a public ramp available at mid to high tide for putting in your small boat, kayak, or paddleboard. Our piping plovers nest near the Footbridge Beach, so we ask that you please stay outside of the fenced dunes and heed the signs to protect this endangered species of bird.

#3: Main Beach Ogunquit Beach runs almost the entire length of a peninsula between the Ogunquit River and the Atlantic Ocean. At the southern-most tip of the peninsula is Ogunquit's Main Beach. This beach is the most popular, and is most convenient to those staying in the center of town and between Perkins Cove and the village. The beach is walking-distance to most of the lodging establishments in town, and the Ogunquit Trolley and Ogunquit Beach Caddie are both available for a small fee to take you there if you prefer not to walk. Should you choose to drive, from the center of the village, take Beach Street to the end, where you will find the Main Beach Parking Lot. This lot charges a daily rate of up to $30 (in 2016). If the lot is full, there will be signs to the auxiliary Lower Lot on River Road, where daily rates are up to $25 per day. The Main Beach Lot features public restrooms and outdoor showers, as well as the lifeguard station where beach wheelchairs can be borrowed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you should need a wheelchair during a season when lifeguards are not available, please call the fire station to arrange for one. There are restaurants at the Main Beach, one can buy or rent beach equipment at one of the gift chops or the sundries shop at the Norseman Resort. Ogunquit Beach 'n' Sport is also available for beach equipment rentals by calling 207-351-7840.

#4: River-Side of Main Beach Because the Main Beach is located at the mouth of the Ogunquit River, the sand on the river-side has mixed with the ocean's salt-water, fresh water which has traveled down the shallow river. This makes the water on this side quite a bit warmer than on the ocean side of the beach. This beach tends to be popular with families and those using inner-tubes and stand-up paddleboards. Because it is accessed by the Main Beach Parking Lot, it has all of the same facilities available as mentioned above.

 #5, #6, #7: Little Beach, Mother's Beach, Junior Beach (known collectively as "Little Beach") During low tide, several small beaches can be accessed by long stairwells from the Marginal Way, our walking path along the cliffs. (During high tide, the beaches disappear!) As with the larger beaches, lifeguards are on duty seasonally, however, unlike the other beaches, there are no restroom facilities or food available, and they are not easily accessible by those with limited mobility. The little beaches are popular with families with small children because they have big boulders for climbing, tidepools, and are small enough that they don't have to worry quite as much about the children wandering down the beach. These beaches are also where surfers put in.

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